Orlina is so much more than just a company. Orlina is every face that radiates its unique natural beauty, nourishes it and is proud of it. Orlina is within you. It gives you the power to see and take care of your beauty, on your own terms.

Either you are a man or a woman, Orlina and Cezar are synonyms for all that is natural, unique and kind, which is why we offer products that serve you naturally and are also cruelty-free, vegan and paraben-free.

I hope that Orlina and Cezar encourage you to step out of a mass of fast beauty trends and to reconnect with yourself with your own little - but powerful - morning routine. Be proud of how you look and be willing to take the best possible version of yourself that is already inside you but just needs a little push, love and care.

Love, Eva
Co-founder and face of Orlina